Size Matters

I am a size 8, sometimes a 10 and I am not ashamed of this fact. Women in the US have been programmed to believe that a size 4 is average. This is a misnomer, perpetuated by magazines and runway models.  If I were a model I would be considered plus size and yet that is not considered “plus size” in stores.  We have allowed a ridiculous standard of women’s sizes to permeate our society.  It would be laughable if it wasn’t true.  The thigh gap, bikini bridge – complete RUBBISH.

Now, this is not to say that I am condoning obesity or any unhealthy habits. Here’s the deal ladies. If you feel good and your doctor says that you are healthy, then you are HEALTHY and that is all that MATTERS.  Your dress size should not have any bearing on your happiness.  That comes from what you do with your life, not the way your body is perceived by those around you. There are women who are naturally a size 0 and there are women who are naturally a size 16 and BOTH can be completely healthy at the size that they are MEANT to be. 

I’d be lying if I said that my body never gives me anxiety.  It’s almost impossible to avoid.  We all have bad days where we’d prefer if sweatpants were perfectly acceptable work attire. 

The occasional off day aside, it is high time we started giving our healthy bodies their due respect.  Depending on the day and the style I am either an 8 or a 10.  Sometimes I’m a size 12…gasp! And it’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay, especially if said dress makes me look amazing!

Bottom line – health should be your priority, not your size. Are you healthy? Do you feel great?  These are the questions you need to ask yourself.  The fashion industry size of 0-4 is not realistic for most of the population.  And if you are concerned about what men think, trust me, they have no idea what sizes or weight look like on real women. I’ve done very unscientific research on this. Enough of this size shaming placed upon women by the media and by other women.

I’ve said it before but it always bears repeating. You are given one life. The way you choose to live it is up to you.  I choose to live proud of my body…and my size.  Are you prepared to?