Know Thyself

by jillyapsuga

I like being alone. There, I said it. I enjoy my complete independence. There’s nothing that quite compares to the knowledge that if need be, I could pack my bags and leave town with a moments notice. Now, this is not to say that I am not opposed to relationships. On the contrary; I believe that a good relationship can provide great fulfillment and comfort in a person’s life. What I do believe in, wholeheartedly, is that if you are unable to be alone, then the kind of relationship I am referring to will be rather elusive.

There is one person you will be with your entire life. You just can’t shake ’em. Know who that person is? It’s YOU, so make sure you are comfortable with yourself before you get comfortable with someone else. You’d be surprised how much of what you thought you wanted in a partner changes when you know who you are. And I mean, really know who you are. Live on your own, or at least with a roommate. There are things that you learn when fending for yourself that no one can teach you. Go places by yourself. Yep, you heard me, all by yourself. Don’t worry, I’ll have a post solely devoted to that topic. Experiment with your taste. What’s your style? What do you like to do? What do you absolutely abhor? If you are in your late teens or just graduating college this is vital. I know it’s hard to grasp this, but you are so young it’s ridiculous. And that’s a good thing. Make mistakes, have fun, focus on yourself and becoming the woman you want to be. The rest will follow in time. I’m still learning about myself, and can honestly say that I never could have predicted how much I’ve changed in the last five years. And they have proven to be the most rewarding years I’ve experienced so far. So please, don’t spend your time worrying about being alone. You just might find that your company is the best there is.